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The ŠKODA Octavia, the brand’s most successful model in the UK and a multi-million seller around the world, celebrates another remarkable milestone in 2019 – the 60th anniversary of its introduction. Originally designed to bring affordable and high-quality motoring to the widest possible audience at an unbeatable price, the design and engineering philosophies behind the Octavia remain the same today.

While the Octavia has been a huge sales success around the world, the British have developed one of the strongest bonds with ŠKODA’s brilliant all-rounder. More than 500,000 examples have found loving homes on our shores since the very first 1959 model rolled onto UK roads. And, six decades later, it remains ŠKODA’s top-seller with a range that includes nine equipment levels, 14 engine and transmission options and two body styles.

Over the years, the Octavia has proved itself to be one of the most adaptable and practical cars on the market. It has set World Land Speed Records, been transformed into a title-winning rally car and, become one of the most trusted cars used by our emergency services.

1959-1971 first-generation Octavia
The eighth post-war car to be designed and built at Mladá Boleslav, the Octavia took its name from the latin word for eight – octo. Production began in 1959, with exports to global markets – including the UK – starting shortly after.

In terms of design and engineering, the Octavia featured the same advanced tubular backbone chassis design as its predecessor (the 440/445) but introduced more sophisticated coil spring suspension that transformed the driving experience. Power came from a 1.1-litre four-cylinder engine that developed just 40PS. A modestly more powerful 1.2-litre, 45PS engine arrived later the same year, followed by a range-topping 50PS in March 1960.

By the early 1960s, ŠKODA’s export drive was in full swing. The Octavia’s combination of elegant looks, robust engineering and fine value made it a hit with British buyers, while the availability of a new estate version – complete with split tailgate and 1,050 litre boot –broadened its appeal even further.

The arrival of the rear-engined 1000/1100MB in 1964 marked the end of the road for the first-generation Octavia saloon. However, with its replacement unsuited to an estate car layout, the Octavia estate remained in production at Kvasiny until 1971. Between 1959 and 1971, a total of 360,000 Octavias were produced, including more than 54,000 estate versions.

1996 – 2004: new-generation Octavia Mk1
1,451,636 cars built
An all-new Octavia was one of the cornerstones of ŠKODA’s ambitious design and engineering programme following its acquisition by the Volkswagen Group in 1991. Within five years, the dream became a reality. Built on an all-new Mlada Bolelsav production line, it signalled the start of ŠKODA’s re-emergence as a mainstream car maker and proved an instant hit with buyers.

Such was the international demand for the Octavia, that the UK had to wait until 2006 for the first right-hand drive examples to arrive in retailers. By then the range had already expanded to include an estate version, along with a wide variety of engine and trim options. ŠKODA’s first vRS model – complete with 180PS engine – arrived in 2001, along with a four-wheel drive estate variant.

In the UK more than 78,839 of this new generation Octavia Mk1 were sold.

2004-2013; Octavia Mk2
2,274,529 cars built
The second-generation Octavia continued its predecessor’s success story. First shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 2004, the Mk2 Octavia arrived with a sleeker design, a bigger cabin and more state-of-the-art technology.

As with the Mk1, the Octavia offered modern tech at a price that couldn’t be beaten. With a line-up featuring direct injection engines, six-speed transmissions and a DSG double-clutch gearbox, the Octavia became a serial award-winner, picking up accolades from both the motoring press and customer satisfaction organisations.

Such was the popularity of the second-generation Octavia that ŠKODA developed plans to create new production facilities around the world. In 2005, production began in Aurangabad in India, with China getting its own production line two years later. A new facility in Kaluga, Russia started building Octavias in 2009, and by 2011, nearly 38 per cent of all Octavia sales worldwide went to countries outside Europe.

A total of 130,662 Octavia Mk2 models were sold in the UK during its production run.

2013-present; Octavia Mk3
More than 2,500,000 cars built to date
Today, the third generation Octavia continues to form the backbone of the ŠKODA model range, accounting for 24 percent of UK ŠKODA sales in 2018.

The third generation introduced a range of new technical and safety features, along with a new crystalline look and an even more practical cabin. Facelifted in 2017, the Octavia range is now the biggest ever, with a huge range of trim and engine options, including Scout 4x4 models, luxurious L&K variants and vRS performance flagships.

Despite the Octavia’s remarkable development over the years, the 2019 version remains true to the design philosophy that underpinned the 1959 original. It may be bigger, safer and vastly better equipped, but it continues to deliver exceptional quality and value for money to ŠKODA customers.


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Cotswolds-based concours restoration specialist Thornley Kelham is proud to offer this beautiful Lancia Aurelia B20GT Series III for sale. With over 1,200 man hours spent on metalwork alone, no detail has been overlooked in returning the car to its original glory.

As restoration specialists with an expert understanding of the intricacies of the Lancia marque, Thornley Kelham has revived this Series III to exacting factory standards - with exceptional attention to detail. Finished in its factory-original shade of ‘Amaranto’, with cream wheels and a light grey interior, this concours-worthy classic also has the desirable upgrade of a ‘Nardi’ floor change transmission.

Thornley Kelham has carried out some of the most renowned Lancia restorations in recent years and is particularly known in Aurelia circles for two ends of the restoration scale – the unique period Mille Miglia/Le Mans racer of Giovanni Bracco, and the now-famous limited-edition Lancia Aurelia ‘Outlaw’.

As industry leaders in Lancia restoration, Thornley Kelham restores and rebuilds concours-winning vehicles within its 32,000sq/ft workshop based near Cirencester. With purpose-built engine, metalwork and paint shops, the restoration team is able to carry out every last detail of any restoration to exacting standards. Covering over half-a-century of automotive history, Thornley Kelham’s restorations routinely see them revive vehicles as varied as 1920’s W.O Bentleys (3, 4½, 6.5 or 8 litre) and a Mercedes Benz 300SL ‘Gullwing’.

Lancia only manufactured 720 examples of the Series III, with this car being one of the last twenty.  According to the original logbook, this Series III Aurelia was imported into the UK in January 1963, having originally been registered in Italy. All numbers match to this document, as does the specification of the car.

The previous owner collected the car post-restoration and immediately embarked on a 2000 mile-round Alpine trip; returning the car for its first service with only a minor oil leak. The car has been tried and tested throughout its post-restoration life and has proved itself as a reliable and capable Aurelia as they were in period. An incredibly advanced vehicle when launched, Thornley Kelham’s extensive experience in, and understanding of, all series of these innovative cars gives them the knowledge to set them up perfectly.

Having covered just over 5,000 miles since the restoration, and following a recent service, this 1953 B20GT is the perfect automobile for grand touring, classic rallying and more. This stunning Aurelia one of six classic Lancias currently available at Thornley Kelham, full details of which can be found here:


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“We can learn a great deal from what’s happening in India right now, when it comes to attracting young people into the historic vehicle movement,” says FIVA President Patrick Rollet.

In March, FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens or international federation of historic vehicles) held its General Council meeting in Bangalore, India’s fast growing tech city. Explaining why Bangalore was the perfect venue, Rollet comments, “India is a country where the ‘love affair with the automobile’ is a more recent phenomenon than in the West, and it’s truly heartening to see the groundswell of enthusiasm for historic vehicles among younger Indians – at a time when European enthusiasts are worried that classics will increasingly be seen as something for the older generation.

“Our meeting was held in Bangalore alongside a symposium organised by the Delhi-based Osianama Learning Experience and the Federation of Historic Vehicles of India (FHVI) – the first of its kind in Asia – aimed at encouraging even more young people and women to get involved in the historic vehicle movement. The energy and enthusiasm of the participants, in a country that’s at an exciting point in the development of its historic vehicle community, is a joy to see.”

So what is the Indian historic vehicle community doing to encourage this groundswell of interest among the young? A key factor is the growing number of informal groups on social media, who meet at the weekend for casual drives in various cities. A prime example is Classic Drivers of Calcutta (CDC), as young entrepreneur and enthusiast Souvik Ghose Chaudhuri describes:

“CDC was founded in 2017 with only three members but we now have 98 owners in the group, with 15% being ‘first-timers’ and almost half under the age of 35. But importantly, we also have 500-plus members on Facebook and Instagram who may or may not currently own a historic vehicle.

“To ‘catch them young’, it’s important to create communities around historic vehicles – non-competitive, fun social events to attract newcomers, such as movie screenings and garage days, plus extensive use of social media and workshops. It’s working. We’re seeing younger people, most of them ‘first-timers’, acquiring classics, while our members seem to be overcoming the absence of a DIY culture and have taken to working on their vehicles themselves! The future is bright.”

Interestingly, focusing on women has proved another key factor, as female race and rally driver Farah Vakil, explains:

“Women are starting to take the lead in demystifying the classic automobile, seen by many as an untouchable realm of the wealthy and privileged man. Up till now, Indian women’s role in historic vehicle circles has been as the wives and daughters of collectors but that’s changing. Women in India today are financially and socially empowered, and we don’t need to have classics passed onto us as family heirlooms, as we can acquire them independently – sourcing them abroad, if necessary, and importing them. We are becoming instrumental in widening the appreciation of these cars, keeping it informal and unstructured – an outing in our cars, a picnic perhaps – without the heavy organisation and expense of a formal event.”

Another presenter at the Bangalore symposium was businesswoman and blogger Shana Parmeshwar, who races a Porsche GT3 in the UK and India but also owns an Austin Seven and a ’65 Chevrolet Impala estate. She uses the tag line ‘Be Cool, Be Classic’ to describe the surge of historic vehicle interest among the younger generation in India, and is full of ideas for the future – such as ‘Classic & Charity’, to organise classic runs to orphanages, where the children have fun taking passenger rides.

“India has a rich automotive heritage,” concludes Gautam Sen, FIVA’s Vice President, Communications. “In the early 20th Century, carmakers thronged to India but it wasn’t until after independence that India really developed its own manufacturing industry. If America could have its Big Three, India had its Little Three – Hindustan Motors, Premier Automobiles and Standard Motors, the latter narrowed down to making the Standard Herald.

“It was also in the 1960s that the collecting bug started, although it was generally limited to a small number of enthusiasts acquiring extraordinary cars discarded by the erstwhile rajas and maharajas of India. Today, however, much as in Europe, the majority of enthusiasts are keen to collect more attainable vehicles – of the sort that were used everyday, and hence reflect the wider culture of the country.

“Clearly the Indian historic vehicle movement is enjoying great success at involving younger people, and FIVA members across the world might find their stories helpful when it comes to ensuring that our shared passion for classics lives on in future generations.”


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Already a major supporter of the classic Mini, British Motor Heritage (BMH) is increasing its related activities throughout 2019 – the 60th anniversary of one of the world’s most cherished models of car.

Sponsorship of the IMM
First and foremost BMH will be one of the major sponsors of the 2019 IMM (International Mini Meet), which is this year being held at Washingpool Farm near Bristol over the weekend of August 8-12. In addition to financially backing the event, the company will have a significant on-site presence in the form of an array of representative cars, replacement bodyshells and innovative display panel.

The mighty Mini will also be the focus of BMH’s Goodwood Revival stand (September 12-15), with a selection of bodyshells and complete vehicles again being the order of the day. Among the latter are likely to be the company’s own immaculately restored 1275 Cooper S, and its FIA Cooper S race car that will be competing in the HRDC series throughout this season – both Minis feature BMH replacement shells.

Ever more replacement bodyshells and individual panels
As the owner of the original Mini tooling, BMH is the only company in the world capable of producing replacement bodyshells and individual panels to exactly the correct specification and, following the addition of the MK1 Mini shell to its portfolio, is now able to support the owners of every mark of classic Mini made between 1959 and 2000. The company acquired the Mini tooling in 2002 and began the manufacture of replacement products soon afterwards, since when demand has grown year on year. So far, literally thousands of individual panels and no less than 773 complete bodyshells have been produced, with many more on the stocks for this year.

Underpinning ever more of the classic car market
Add those for the various versions of the MGB and MG Midget (and Austin-Healey Sprite) and the number of replacement shells produced by BMH so far totals no less than 6,111, and counting. Under the circumstances it is fair to say that a great number of today’s treasured classics have survived thanks to the company’s replacement programme, and the notable health of the classic movement owes much to its foresight and continuing expansion. In addition to all the above, it nowadays also produces replacement panels for the Jaguar E-Type and classic Range Rover, as well the Morris Minor, Triumph TR6, Spitfire, GT6 and Stag.


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A rare 1912 Austro-Daimler 27/80 Prince Henry that starred as Lord Scrumptious’ chauffeur-driven car in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is to go on show at Beaulieu.

The Prince Henry joins an original screen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the Humber 8hp driven by Truly Scrumptious, original Child Catcher carriage, the film’s inventive machines created by Rowland Emett, a replica Grandpa Potts’ hut, original artwork and memorabilia in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 50 years at the National Motor Museum.

The Austro-Daimler is one of just four known surviving examples of a model known as one of the world’s first sports cars – and its off-screen story is as astonishing as its on-screen exploits in the much-loved musical film.

Only about 50 of the exclusive Austro-Daimler 27/80 Prince Henry were built and this car has been in the same family for more than six decades. The current keeper’s grandfather, vintage and veteran car dealer Cecil Bendall, bought it for £310 in 1956 from the estate of Herbert Whitley who founded Paignton Zoo. Bendall restored the car before using it to compete in numerous Veteran Car Club rallies and Vintage Sports-Car Club motorsport events, and often provided historic vehicles for filming.

The car starred as the transport of Lord Scrumptious and was driven by spies during the kidnap of Grandpa Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which was released in 1968. By a decade later, its sophisticated 5.7 litre engine was in need of a rebuild and Bendall later hoped to drive it in the Land’s End to John O’Groats Trial but sadly passed away before the project could be completed. His grandson Tristan Jensen has since picked up the baton, with the goal of getting this impressive machine back in action to drive in historic motoring events once again.

Tristan said: “A busy life, family and many cars are slowing down the progress. However, all of the new parts have now been made and the engine just requires assembly. I am planning to enter events again in 2020.”

After many years off the road, the Prince Henry has been dusted down to join Beaulieu’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 50 years exhibition from Easter and will remain on display until the exhibition concludes in November.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 50 years can be seen as part of the general admission to Beaulieu, which includes entrance to the National Motor Museum, World of Top Gear, On Screen Cars, the ancestral Montagu family home of Palace House, 13th century Beaulieu Abbey and the grounds and gardens. To buy tickets in advance online or for more information see or call 01590 612345.

Find us on Twitter @Beaulieu_Hants, Facebook at /nationalmotormuseum or Instagram @national_motor_museum and join the conversation with #Chitty50years.


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The CCA auction at the Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show at the weekend had a fantastic sale rate of 79% of cars sold with a number of key cars selling over their top estimate and achieving a total sale of £2.4 million.

Saturday, day one of the sale, saw the 1982 DeLorean DMC-12, 1990 Mercedes 420SEC and a 1988 BMW M635 CSI take the honours of exceeding their top estimates with some strong bidding on the phones, internet and in the room.

Sunday, day two of the sale, saw British marques do very well and the headline cars attracting lots of interest. Following on from the previous day, the fierce bidding continued with lots of international bidders from as far away as New Zealand and Hong Kong, with lots of interest in the star lot, a 1969 Fiat Dino 2.4 Coupe.

With 97 lots up for auction, proceedings kicked off well with some enthusiastic bidding.

It wasn’t long before there were huge cheers as Lot 108 a 1990 Mercedes 420 SEC went for more than double its original estimate, selling at £21,645.

Lots of enthusiastic bidding led to the 1977 Ford Escort Mk2 RS2000 X-Pack achieving £39,960, a 1986 Renault Alpine GTA V6 Turbo went for £16,095 and the beautiful 1970 Jaguar E-Type 4,2 Series 2 Roadster achieved £62,160. A 1964 Land Rover 88” SII A received a round of applause for selling at £26,640 and a cracking little VW Golf from 1976 went for £10,101!

There were also some other notable sales; the very rare, right-hand drive 1982 DeLorean DMC-12 which went for £40,515 after an engaging bidding war as well as the 1988 BMW M635 CSI that attracted a lot of attention and after fierce bidding went for £23,865.

Another full day at auction saw 91 cars being presented for sale; the star lot being the stunning 1969 Fiat Dino 2.4 Coupe which attracted a lot of interest, including a number of bidders from around the world. Bidding was very strong with the car selling for £62,160 and eventually staying in the UK.

The beautiful 1967 Mercedes 250 SL Pagoda sold at £53,280 and the barn find Ferrari Testarossa which had been the subject of interest all weekend, sold well at £29,415. The remarkable time warp Ford Escort 1.6i Cabriolet with under 3,000 miles on the clock sold for £23,310 and the 1989 BMW 325i Sport sold well at £29,082.

The Jaguars started well from the off with the 1968 340 getting bidders fired up and settling at £11,100. Following a few lots later and after some fierce bidding the 1990 XJS V12 Convertible in breath-taking condition sold well above its estimate for £28,305. Other Jaguars fared very well, with the E-Types again proving very desirable.

A 1960 Daimler Dart SP250 which was offered for no reserve did very well achieving £16,095 whilst a 1936 Douglas Endeavour, a motorcycle in need of a full restoration was offered at no reserve sold for £9,990.

Gary Dunne, Classic Car Auctions auction manager commented “This was CCA’s third year at the Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show and yet again a fantastic start to our year. Well over £2 million worth of cars sold and a sales rate of 79% is a testament to our vendors and buyers alike. See you there next year!”

All sold prices quoted are inclusive of buyers premium but excluding VAT.

2019 Forthcoming Auctions

25th May – CCA May Classic Car Sale, Warwickshire Event Centre
3rd August - CCA August Classic Car Sale, Warwickshire Event Centre
5th October - CCA October Classic Car Sale, Warwickshire Event Centre
7th December - CCA December Classic Car Sale, Warwickshire Event Centre


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Most of the events offered by leading international classic car rally organiser Bespoke Rallies are lengthy adventures in far flung areas of the globe. However, the company is well aware that not all enthusiasts have the time or wherewithal to contest such epic challenges. In recognition of this, it is re-running the four day Highland 1000, which proved so popular last year and ended in climactic fashion with just 12 seconds separating the first two cars home.

Suitable for all skill levels, this year’s contest will take place on September 25 to 29 and start and finish in Falkirk – the home of the unique Falkirk Wheel. It will wind its way through some of Scotland’s finest scenery, taking in numerous familiar landmarks en route. The emphasis will be on fun, and the regularity tests will take place on quiet, largely deserted roads. The main entry will be split into six classes, which between them cater for cars built from 1920 right through to 1989, while there is a Touring option for those seeking a more relaxed drive.

Other great events already scheduled by Bespoke Rallies for this year and next include:

    Pyrenees 1000, May 8-12, 2019
    Magical Madagascar, June 13 - July 8, 2019
    Slartibartfast, Aug 17 - September 2, 2019
    Royal Rajasthan, November 4-25, 2019
    Sri Lanka, January 17 - February 8, 2020
    The Tiger Tasmania, March 2-29, 2020
    The Imperial Rally, June 14 - July 13, 2020

Further details of everything on offer from this perennially innovative rally organiser are available at


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Four very special anniversaries will be celebrated at Land Rover Legends at Bicester Heritage on 25th and 26th May, each one marking a highly significant milestone in the history of the Land Rover marque.

50 years of the Pink Panther
The 50th anniversary of the entry into service of the Series IIa SAS Pink Panther will be commemorated with what is expected to be the largest-ever gathering of these fascinating vehicles, supported by two surviving examples of the Series One and some of the few surviving later 110 SAS vehicles.

The Pink Panther was born during the late 1960s, as a follow on from the adapted WW11 Jeep and the Series One. The MOD acquired 72 Series IIa 109 Land Rovers for special ops missions and long-distance reconnaissance. Marshalls of Cambridge converted them to SAS desert duty specification, with modifications including heavy-duty springs and chassis, additional fuel tanks to carry 100 gallons, smoke grenade launcher, rifles, machine guns, hand grenades and an anti-tank rocket launcher. The Land Rovers were delivered to the SAS in standard green livery but the SAS had many of them repainted in pink. This might seem an unlikely colour for a military vehicle - especially one in service with the SAS - but it is actually the perfect colour for camouflage in the desert, especially at dawn and dusk when the ground in their theatres of operation takes on a red or pink shade. Thus the ‘Pink Panther’ name was born. Often shortened to ‘Pinkie’ the name was even applied to the vehicles the SAS kept in their original, green colour. Pinkies would remain in service until 1984 when the coil sprung Hi–Cap was introduced as a replacement.

40th anniversary of ‘the best Land Rover that Land Rover never produced’
In the late-1970s, Land Rover built around 36 100-inch wheelbase prototypes for evaluation by the French, and later the Swiss, military. Based on various axles adapted for coil springs, petrol 4-cylinder and V8 engine options, with manual and automatic gearbox options and a one-off chassis, and a 24V electrical system, they were produced in a range of configurations, most with twin fuel tanks. Although these vehicles never went into production, the 100-inch wheelbase was felt by many to be the perfect dimension for a Land Rover, and enthusiasts went on to create their own ‘hybrids’ based on modified Range Rover chassis and Land Rover panels.

The 40th anniversary of these exceptionally rare 100-inch prototypes – considered by many to be the best Land Rover that Land Rover never produced – will also be celebrated at Land Rover Legends with what is expected to be the largest-ever gathering.

The 30th anniversary of ‘the vehicle that saved Land Rover’
In the mid-1980s sales of Land Rover’s utility vehicles were in decline, and the company was also facing challenges from new 4x4 vehicles such as the Isuzu Trooper and Mitsubishi Shogun. The company’s response was to develop a new vehicle that would sit between the 90 and 110, and the Range Rover. In 1989 Land Rover unveiled its new Discovery at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The 3-door vehicle, deliberately described this way as part of the programme to differentiate it from the 2-door Range Rover, although both had two doors and a tailgate, actually shared the Range Rover’s chassis and drive train, body frame, and many other components, all of which were clad in a brand-new, trend-setting design that ensured the new vehicle would appeal to a new, younger and ‘lifestyle-oriented’ market. The Discovery was an instant sales success and was quickly followed by the 5-door version that further cemented its appeal as a family vehicle. Land Rover had a winner on its hands and had launched it with perfect timing to ride the wave of the soaring popularity of recreational and lifestyle off-roaders that followed in the early 1990s. Land Rover Legends will celebrate the 30th anniversary of this hugely successful vehicle.

The 25th birthday of the launch of the P38a
In September 1994 Land Rover launched the second-generation Range Rover - 24 years after the original was introduced. The new car was developed in building P38a of the Solihull factory, and so became known as the P38a. This was undeniably a luxury vehicle with leather upholstery, premium trim and burr walnut rivalling the interiors of upmarket saloon cars, putting the four-wheel drive in front of a new audience. It was a step forward from the first-generation Range Rover not just in terms of luxury, equipment and updated engine but also in its off-road versatility and abilities, with height-adjustable air suspension now standard. Exterior design changes were relatively subtle however, in order not to alienate loyal Range Rover customers, but the new vehicle was well-received by both the press and the buying public. Subsequently, the vehicle developed a reputation for poor reliability, primarily to do with its electrical systems, but over recent years enthusiasts have come to appreciate the design and the impressive capability of the P38a. And most of its electrical gremlins have by now been tamed!

National Land Rover Awards
The ultimate show for Land Rover connoisseurs, preservationists, restorers and enthusiasts will also see the announcement of the results of the National Land Rover Awards 2019, the winners of which will be chosen at Land Rover Legends. Nominations for the awards are open at Shortlisted vehicles will be invited to be displayed as part of a dedicated indoor exhibition at the Bicester Heritage event where, on Sunday May 26th, a panel of expert judges will select the Winner and Highly Commended entry in each category.

All Land Rovers welcome
Land Rover Legends is an event for all Land Rovers. In addition to the main exhibits and demonstration vehicles, over a dozen major Land Rover Clubs have booked display space for the event and every Land Rover attending - whether with a club or not - will become a part of the show by being displayed in the dedicated forward-parking area that will be set aside to showcase representatives of the marque.

This year, for the first time, canine companions are welcome to attend the event (regardless of whether or not they arrive in a Land Rover!). So there’s no need to leave well-behaved four-legged friends at home; just pop them on a lead and bring them along.

Other new features for 2019 include on-site camping and Saturday evening entertainment. Camping bookings are coming in thick and fast, and Land Rover fans are advised to book early if they want to make a weekend of it in the atmospheric, inimitable setting of Bicester Heritage.

In addition to the fantastic range of very special vehicles on show, Land Rover lovers will find a host of other things to fascinate and tempt them, with top Land Rover restorers, specialists and associated suppliers, plus carefully-selected exhibitors and traders, all positioned in and around Bicester Heritage’s magnificent main exhibition hangar.

For more information or to book tickets please visit:


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Silverstone Auctions will be holding their two day May sale at Heythrop Park on the 10th and 11th May, supported by the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club, with fine cars and memorabilia being offered for sale.

Saturday’s Classic Car sale will offer 50 cars including a 1972 Ferrari Daytona Spyder and a 1998 Porsche 911 (930) Turbo Targa G50 being offered. Sunday will be the British Marques sale and currently consigned is a superb 1960 AC Aceca and a 1954 Jaguar XK120 DHC.

The 1972 Ferrari Daytona Spyder Conversion is an absolutely breathtaking car. It was originally supplied by Maranello Concessionaires in March 1972 and has travelled just 8,700 miles. The car was professionally converted in 1978 to Spyder form by Richard Straman Coachworks in California. Presented in Blue Dino Metallizzato paint colour, this car has been meticulously maintained as is estimated at £500,000 to £575,000.

Also offered is this rather fine looking 1988 Porsche 911, one of the very last 930 Turbos with the G50 5 speed manual gearbox. This is a very desirable car with 71,725 miles, a substantial service record and also included in the sale is the Targa removal roof panel. This car is in remarkable condition and is a collectable classic estimated at £75,000 to £85,000.

Sunday’s sale of British marques is supported by the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club so naturally there will be a few Jaguars on offer amongst other classic British marques.

One of the star lots is this fabulous 1960 AC Aceca which has been consigned to the sale. This is one of the very best, having undergone restoration by the previous owner with the intention of making it the best in the world. Now offered for sale by the current owner of seven years and for the first time on the open market, this sleek fastback comes with a comprehensive history file on its restoration. According to the AC Aceca register this car was originally ordered in Mist Green, one of only six ever finished in that colour with the original six cylinder AC unit. This car has had so much love to make and keep it in the condition it is presented in, it seems to tick all the boxes and is available for £110,000 to £130,000.

One of several Jaguars include in the sale is this superb example of the XK120, a UK supplied car in right hand drive presented in British Racing Green and in excellent condition with a Jaguar Heritage Certificate. This car was first registered in January 1954 and supplied new to Squadron Leader Desmond de Villiers of Hertford. ‘Dizzy' de Villiers AFC was the Chief Test Pilot at the De Havilland Aircraft Company.

The car has undergone a nut and bolt restoration with the engine being fully rebuilt along with the axle and gearbox over a 30 year period using specialist restorers. The car underwent further work in 2008 with supporting documents including updates to improve driveability and reliability. A very desirable car to own and on offer for £75,000 to £85,000.

Arwel Richards, Auction Manager for the Heythrop sale commented "Set within the historic grounds of the Grade II listed Heythrop Park, the auction will showcase gleaming examples of automotive excellence akin to a Concours d'Elegance with best of breed examples of all marques over our two day sale in the heart of the Cotswolds.”

“We have responded to this new enthusiast led market by tailoring our catalogue to meet the highest of expectations by offering cars of the best quality at estimates that reflect their rarity and condition."

"Many of the cars we have on offer have caught the eye of many a concours judge, with one car gaining a third place at Pebble Beach in 2015, arguably the most exacting of all concours competitions."

"Our team of specialists are negotiating some superb motorcars which will add to the catalogue in the coming weeks. There are still some spaces left, however, for vendors to include their cars among the exclusive line up and take part in one of the headline sales of the year."

Silverstone Auctions are still accepting cars for the auction and can be contacted on 01926 691141 or email and would be happy to talk with you and help you through the process of consigning your car.

2019 Forthcoming Auctions
10th May The Heythrop Classic Car Sale - Heythrop Park
11th May A Sale of British Marques - Heythrop Park
27th & 28th July The Silverstone Classic Sale – Silverstone
21st September A Sale Of Ferraris - Dallas Burston Polo Club
22nd September The Porsche Sale - Dallas Burston Polo Club
9th & 10th November NEC Classic Motor Show Sale - NEC Birmingham


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There are Bonnets Galore for Easter at Beaulieu when the attraction comes to life with amazing motors being brought out of the National Motor Museum and driven in daily cavalcades around the grounds of the attraction from April 6th to Easter Monday April 22nd.

Inside the museum, bonnets will also be lifted to reveal the engineering excellence of legendary Land Speed Record-breaking Blue Bird - the 1920 Sunbeam 350hp, as well as the 1899 Renault, 1924 Bugatti Type 35, 1948 Land Rover prototype, 1950 RT London Bus and 1959 Austin Mini which is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

Out on the arena, watch historic motors in the daily cavalcade with a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang reconstruction and vehicles spanning motoring history from the Victorian penny farthing to the classic 1963 Ford Cortina. Look out for the yellow AA motorcycle and sidecar, 1904 De Dion Bouton, 1927 Austin 12/4, 1938 Morris Eight and wartime 1943 Willys Jeep.*

For bonnets of a different kind, visit Palace House where you will find Easter bonnets and Victorian costumes to try on for a selfie opportunity. Roll up your sleeves in the Victorian Kitchen and help Lord Montagu’s cook roll out Easter biscuits, talk to costumed guides about life in the 19th century and join in with Easter craft activities. Younger visitors can also have their face painted with Easter designs.

Fill in our new travel log to create memories from your visit and complete the fun activities, fascinating questions and drawings, then collect stamps at each part of the attraction. Keep an eye out for Beaulieu’s Bonnets cards to learn more about the iconic vehicles you will discover on your day out.

Over Easter weekend (Good Friday April 18th - Easter Monday April 22nd) see the larger-than-life Easter bunny as it hops through the gardens in the grounds of the attraction. Why not take a picture to add to your travel log?

All Easter activities are included in the general admission ticket to Beaulieu, which includes entry to the National Motor Museum with its Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 50 years exhibition, World of Top Gear, On Screen Cars, Palace House, Beaulieu Abbey with its Abbot’s Mews falconry exhibition and the spring-time grounds and gardens. Tickets can be bought in advance online. For tickets and details see or call 01590 612345.

* Historic cars in the daily cavalcades may be subject to change each day.


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Do you know your F40 from your F50? Can you identify a DeLorean by its rear tail lights alone? If the answers come easy, you could be in with a shout of being crowned Britain’s biggest car nerd of the year, at this May’s London Motor & Tech Show.

In a drive to deliver family and petrolhead entertainment, the Motor Show organisers have teamed up with automotive community web site DriveTribe, to create a celebrity versus public Car Quiz showdown.

The competition will see entrants whittled-down via a series of online quizzes hosted on, with 5 qualifying contestants invited to a live show finale.

After a final round of heats at the show, one eventual finalists from our online round, will join one winner from on the day and go up against a team of established motoring journalists, as well as TV presenters Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend, stars of TV-show Car SOS.

Compering the live quiz final will be Mr Wheeler Dealer himself, Mike Brewer, presenter and host of Discovery Channel’s Wheeler Dealers, a man who has spent a lifetime researching cars as both a car dealer and an expert on car buying and selling.

With Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend bringing their encyclopaedic knowledge of car engineering and classics, being crowned Britain’s biggest car nerd will be no easy feat. Whoever is victorious will claim a true badge of honour:the nation’s most trivia-charged petrolhead.

To take part, wanna be nerds can follow this link to round 1 of the quiz on Drivetribe or head to the show on Saturday the 18th May.

Each week for the next three weeks on Drivetribe we will deliver a fiendishly difficult car quiz. Based on the combined results of these 3 quizzes, the top 20 will receive a free ticket to the London Motor & Tech Show and the top 5 will be invited to join us on Saturday the 18th May for a live head to head quiz to determine the winner, who will join the celebrity final later in the day.

If you miss out on the finals via our online quiz, a further “Live Qualifying” round will take place with guests from the crowd invited up to take part on the morning of Saturday the 18th May. The winner of this round will join the final too, where both our winners will go head to head against some established celebrity car “nerds”.

The winner of the final will receive a VIP goodie bag, as well as a fantastic trophy, signed by all our celebrities.

Commenting on the quiz, Drivetribe CEO Jonathan Morris said, “DriveTribe’s quiz platform has generated over 35 million quiz entries in the past twelve months alone, so you can expect a tough field of competition. We will hold three rounds of heats on DriveTribe - on subjects including British Cars, Classics and automotive greats – with leading contestants able to see where they appear in a leader-board of entries”.

Andy Entwistle, CEO of the London Motor Show added, “this year’s show has been designed to be more interactive and entertainment-packed than ever, with amongst other things, a series of main stage events, alongside Live Arena demonstrations of driving skills. Given Tim and Fuzz host a competing show to Mike Brewer’s Wheeler Dealers, you can expect plenty of natural rivalry and banter. All three are consummate entertainers, hugely popular with their audiences and well known for their mix of humour and petrolhead knowledge”.

Entwistle added, “aside from the family entertainment, the show will also be a big hit with car buyers, with opportunities to get up close and personal with a comprehensive range of vehicles for sale and, in some cases, opportunities to test drive vehicles.”

The show, which has as its main sponsors, takes place from 16-19 May at London’s ExCel Arena, with tickets on sale now. Adult entry costs just £20, with free entry for children under 16. You can buy tickets here:


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The MG Car Club is devastated to announce that the decision has been made to rest MGLive! for 2019, and refocus efforts into a new format International MG meeting for 2020.

Last month, Silverstone Circuits Limited made a decision to carry out essential track maintenance during June 2019, meaning that MGLive! wasn’t able to take place at the venue on the selected dates, leaving the Club without a venue or date for MGLive! 2019.

MGLive! is a meeting steeped in history with an event being held every summer for the past 68 years. Given this history, the Club has been exploring options to move the event to a new location, and/or date for 2019.

After extensive research into new locations and dates; it has sadly become clear that there are no feasible options to host an event this summer and the decision has been made to rest MGLive! for 2019 as a final resort.

All ticket holders for 2019 will be contacted directly by the Club and issued full refunds automatically before the 15th April 2019.

The Club are requesting that ticket holders do not contact the Club to discuss refunds, and wait to be contacted directly by the Club. This is to ensure the refunds process is carried out as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Adam Sloman, General Manager of MG Car Club commented “We are very sorry to be updating everyone with such disappointing news.

The Club has been incredibly determined to try and find an alternative solution for MGLive! this year and sadly, the deeper we have delved into all of the options - different venues, dates, hosting an entertainment only event - the less feasible putting on MGLive! in 2019 has looked.

It has been incredibly challenging to find a venue that has capacity to hold a race and/or entertainment event in the peak of the season, with the capability to put on a large scale event in such a challengingly tight timeframe. We’ve spoken to a number of venues; and it has become very clear that moving the entire event at short notice just isn’t possible.

It is such a shame, with so many members and classic car enthusiasts purchasing tickets in advance in record numbers. We are deeply sorry to all of those ticket holders who had supported the Club and event, and they will all be refunded very soon.

It would be incredibly helpful if ticket holders were able to bear with us a little longer and allow us to get in touch with them directly regarding refunds rather than contacting the Club office to discuss. This would really help us with processing refunds in an orderly fashion.

We’d also like to thank the members of the Club for their overwhelming support and all their many suggestions of venues and introductions to venues up and down the country.

The support from venues, classic car events and the classic car community has been truly awe-inspiring and all we can say is we are incredibly grateful and thanks to everyone involved for all their support and help.”

The Club are planning to regroup and refocus efforts for 2020 into a new format International MG meeting, keeping the best elements of MGLive! but bringing in some fresh, new ideas to widen the event’s appeal.


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Silverstone Auctions are delighted to announce two stunning Aston Martins, a 1965 Aston Martin DB5 and a 1950 Aston Martin DB2 Washboard to headline the British Marques May sale at Heythrop Park on the 11th May.

Both cars are in stunning condition and have been restored to the highest of standards.

The Aston Martin DB5 will always be associated with the James Bond films and is probably one of the most famous models produced. This particular 1965 car comes with its own special moment in history as it was the car featured by the Royal Mail on a special edition of stamps produced to celebrate “the best in British car manufacturing”.

Finished in the iconic Silver Birch, this car is in the most incredible condition with the original red Connolly hide seats and factory headrests. The car has undergone an impressive restoration by marque experts and had a full engine rebuild by Aston Engineering in 2013.

This is a right hand drive car with a five speed manual gearbox with standard disc brakes and chrome wire wheels. It comes with an impressive history file.

This DB5 was once owned by Chris Evans former Radio 2 breakfast show presenter who is a passionate classic car collector and famed for having one of the ultimate classic car collections. The car is now presented for auction by the current owner estimated at £675,000 to £750,000.

The DB2 Aston Martins were famous for competing at Le Mans in 1949 before they became available as a road going version.

This particular 1950 Aston Martin DB2 Washboard offered for sale is 1 of just 49 cars produced with the three part grille before it was replaced on later cars by a one piece grille on costs grounds. The slatted vent behind each of front wheel gave rise to the “Washboard” nickname and the creation of The Washboard Register for this type of car.

Delivered new to Australia in December 1950, the car underwent an exquisite four year restoration to factory specification by Woodham Mortimer. It comes with numbers matching Aston’s factory data sheet and still in its original Almond Green over Dark Green paint.

In 2015 the car took third place in the Post War Sports Cars class at the world’s most prestigious Concours, Pebble Beach.

Estimated at £475,000 to £550,00 this is an important car and possibly the best DB2 in the world.

Nick Whale, Managing Director of Silverstone Auctions commented “I am really delighted to have these two extremely special Aston Martins in our British Marques sale at Heythrop Park on the 11th May.”

“They are both in the most stunning condition and come with significant history. I am expecting a lot of interest, they really are two very special cars”

Arwel Richards, Auction Manager for the Heythrop sale commented "We have some really fabulous cars coming to auction and I am delighted to confirm these two fine Aston Martins will headline our British Marques May sale.”

The Silverstone Auctions sale takes place over two days on the 10th and 11th May at Heythrop Park in Oxfordshire. The 10th sees a classic cars sale and the 11th in association with the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club is for British marques.

Silverstone Auctions are still accepting cars for the auction and can be contacted on 01926 691141 or email and would be happy to talk with you and help you through the process of consigning your car.

2019 Forthcoming Auctions
10th May The Heythrop Classic Car Sale - Heythrop Park
11th May A Sale of British Marques - Heythrop Park
27th & 28th July The Silverstone Classic Sale – Silverstone
21st September A Sale Of Ferraris - Dallas Burston Polo Club
22nd September The Porsche Sale - Dallas Burston Polo Club
9th & 10th November NEC Classic Motor Show Sale - NEC Birmingham


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The unique Costin-Nathan racing car prototype will roar into life at Beaulieu’s silver Spring Autojumble on May 18th and 19th to celebrate the arrival of the new National Motor Museum exhibit.

The hand-built racer, which became a David which slayed Goliath on the competition track half a century ago, will make its public debut after a complete restoration.

At 3pm on Saturday May 18th, Spring Autojumble show-goers can see this incredible machine up-close with a start-up by its original creator and racing driver Roger Nathan, who also masterminded its painstaking restoration back to original condition.

With its unusual wooden construction and highly tuned Hillman Imp engine, the 1965 Costin-Nathan was the brainchild of Nathan and automotive engineer Frank Costin. With Nathan at the wheel, the prototype made its mark by winning the Coupes de Paris race at the Montlhéry circuit in 1966 – beating the big race teams.

After being sold, the car was later rediscovered in 2016 and sold at auction to its new American owner who commissioned Nathan to restore it. The show unveiling marks the end of this mammoth project in part of the celebrations for Spring Autojumble’s 25th anniversary, where exhibitors are invited to decorate their stands in silver and send their memories and pictures to

Marking another anniversary at this year’s show is the Mini 60 display, which will put one of Britain’s greatest classics in the spotlight with a timeline of every major milestone in the classic Mini’s lifespan from 1959 to 2000. The Mini Cooper Register display will bring together a wide range of Minis, with more than 40 rare and remarkable examples already confirmed to join the display including an ex-BMC Works rally Mini, Mini Cooper police car, Mini vans and pick-ups, an Italian-built Innocenti Mini Cooper and the luxurious Radford Mini used in the 1966 BBC TV series Adam Adamant Lives!

Event sponsor Practical Classics will join the Mini celebration by bringing its own project car, a 1968 Austin Mini estate that has been off the road for more than 40 years. See this tiny time-warp and chat with the team about their latest project.

Another automotive star of the Practical Classics stand will be the 1959 Standard Ten Gold Star that was saved from certain destruction in Ford’s scrappage scheme. This low-mileage family saloon, known as Bluebell, captured the hearts of thousands of classic enthusiasts who joined a campaign to overturn its destruction order. Newly returned to the road and making its Beaulieu debut at the show, the Standard will stay on display in the National Motor Museum throughout the summer.

Bargain hunters can scour Spring Autojumble’s 1,000+ stands packed with classic car parts, motoring literature and automobilia bargains – and even perhaps find a dream Mini amongst the range of classics for sale in Automart and Dealermart.

Other features include a return of the Dorset branch of the Morris Minor Owners’ Club popular display MoggyFest, while the Morgan Sports Car Club will showcase an impressive selection of its members’ classic British sports cars. Show regulars the Wessex Car Club will also show a variety of vehicles.

Enthusiasts for another British legend can enjoy Beaulieu’s Land Rover Rummage on Sunday 19th, as everything Land Rover-related is bought, bartered, swapped and sold in a section of the show dedicated to Britain’s favourite 4x4. Also on Sunday is popular Trunk Traders, a treasure trove for surplus spares, tools, books and automobilia.

One-day and two-day Spring Autojumble tickets can be bought online with an advance discount until 5pm on Thursday 9th May. For tickets and details see or call 01590 612888. Event tickets include entry to the whole Beaulieu attraction, including the National Motor Museum with its new Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 50 Years display, World of Top Gear, On Screen Cars, the ancestral Montagu family home of Palace House, 13th century Beaulieu Abbey and the grounds and gardens.

Exhibitors and Trunk Traders can book their stand online at or contact the Beaulieu Events team at or on 01590 614614.

25th Beaulieu Spring Autojumble Fact File

    The first Spring Autojumble in May 1994 featured 600 stands, which has almost doubled today.
    Extreme weather conditions meant the show was once cancelled in 2001, making 2019 not only the 25th anniversary but also the 25th
    Since the first year, club car displays and the Automart – offering classic cars for sale – have been a key part of Spring Autojumble.
    In 1994, special features included a display by motoring artists and a classic concours competition.
    The show has changed names several times over the years from the initial Beaulieu Spring Classic Autojumble, to Beaulieu Spring Autojumble, Beaulieu Spring Motormart & Autojumble, Beaulieu Motormart Autojumble, then back to Beaulieu Spring Autojumble!
    Trunk Traders and Dealermart were popular new features added to the event in 2006.
    In 1997 the National Motor Museum had its own garage sale at the show, selling off surplus automobilia, vintage tools and period garage items left over from the creation of Jack Tucker’s Garage display in the museum


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As the new season approaches new partnerships have been confirmed between Motor Racing Legends’ and the Lister Motor Company who will become title sponsor for the Stirling Moss Trophy.

Silverstone Auctions and Ric Wood Motorsport have also been confirmed as joint partners for the Historic Touring Car Challenge.

CEO Lawrence Whitaker has been a long-time supporter of Motor Racing Legends through the annual Brian Lister Trophy, but from now on the Lister Motor Company will be taking on a much more active role as title sponsor for the series. Promoting not only the continuation models of the Lister Knobbly but also their new range of stylish sports supercars.

Silverstone Auctions are a world-class, specialist auction house for the sale of classic cars, modern supercars, all types of competition cars, modern and historic motorcycles as well as automotive memorabilia and will be using the partnership to cement relationships with competitors and promote sale consignments to their forthcoming sales.

Renowned Capri and engine specialists Ric Wood Motorsport who are experts in the field of race development for Ford Capri, and Group 1 Touring Cars including full engine or complete race car build will be promoting their performance enhancing engineering skills to competitors.

Chairman Duncan Wiltshire commented “It is great to have such loyal competitors, the Historic Touring Car grid does have an very special social vibe about it, with both the new partners of the Historic Touring Car Challenge being active competitors often trading places at the sharp end of the grid. It is fabulous to see them join forces as partners for the series and the support of all the new partners is greatly appreciated.”

The start of the season is just around the corner all six grids for Motor Racing Legends due to kick off to a roaring start at the forthcoming Donington Historic Festival on 3-5 May.  For more details of how to enter visit: