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One of only 11 examples ever made, a stunning 1992 Porsche 911 (964) RS Touring is one of the first cars consigned for the Silverstone Auctions Porsche Sale taking place at the Wing, Silverstone on 21st October.

The homologation special is one of only six UK right-hand drive versions, making it rarer still, and comes from a family collection of Porsches. The comprehensive history file includes a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, membership details of the 964 RS Register, old MoT certificates and tax discs, service invoices, and period road test magazine articles.

Early in its ownership the car was entrusted to JZ in King’s Langley for work including “de-cat system and Supply and fit performance chip.” The resulting dyno test printout shows 278.8 bhp at 5909 rpm.

Finished in Black with a black interior, the 911 RST features Sport leather seats with triple colour inlays, a top tinted windscreen and a sunroof, and is estimated at £185,000 - £210,000.

“This is a very special Porsche, the rarest of the rare,” declares Guy Lees-Milne, general manager of Silverstone Auctions. “These cars are actively sought after by serious Porsche collectors all over the world, and this is a truly superb example.”

The 964 911 RS was created to homologate the model for the Porsche Carrera Cup race series and came in two flavours; the lightweight Sport and the more sought-after Touring.

While the more common Sport version with its stripped out interior was a little too uncompromising for many tastes, the rarer Touring retained the more refined equipment, sound proofing and comforts of the Carrera.

The RS Touring, however, still boasts an impressive specification when compared to the standard 964 with a blueprinted 3600cc air-cooled engine, lowered and stiffened suspension, ‘Uniball’ top strut mounts, strengthened engine and gearbox mounts, and uprated brakes from the Turbo. Although not as pared down as the Sport, the RS Touring is still lighter than the standard 964. Together with the re-chipped engine management system and lighter, single-mass flywheel, the RST has only 10 bhp more than a standard 964, but with significantly more torque.

Sitting on unique magnesium 17-inch wheels rims and low-profile Michelin N3 tyres, the all-black Porsche 911 RST was originally manufactured in 1992, but found its first owner at JCT Brooklands in September 1993. The car also comes with a special number plate that’s truly appropriate: C2 RST.

To find out more about the 1992 Porsche 911 (964) RS Touring and Silverstone Auctions’ Porsche Sale, please visit https://www.silverstoneauctions.com/1993-porsche-964-carrera-rs


JD Classics’ Historic Racing Department beat more than 110 of Europe’s best classic racing cars at the legendary Spa Six Hours this weekend to take overall victory. The team’s Ford GT40, driven by Chris Ward and Andrew Smith, won the title event while JD Classics’ Costin Lister also took victory in the combined Stirling Moss/ Woodcote Trophy race.

The weekend of classic motorsport is named for the gruelling endurance race – this year celebrating its 25th anniversary – which kicked off with a 90-minute qualifying session on Friday evening. Competed by a pre-1965 grid of 115 TVRs, Shelbys, Mustangs, E-Types, GT40s and more, it’s one of the most competitive races on the classic motorsport calendar.

JD Classics’ own Chris Ward took the wheel first, quickly setting a time good enough for pole position within the first two flying laps. With traffic making it hard to set a clean lap, Ward came into the pits on lap four to check the car over and hand the drive to Andrew Smith. Despite returning to the track in fifth position, Smith was able to set another flying lap to push the JD Classics car back to second place before a red-flag halted the session.

Ten minutes later, the cars were back on track, now with Chris Ward at the wheel of the JD Classics GT40. Ward continued to chase pole but was hampered by traffic until the session was red-flagged again with 14 minutes remaining. The JD Classics car finished the session in second, between the GT40s of pole-sitters George Nolte, Franck Stippler and Michael Funke, and third-placed Richard Meaden and Martin O’Connell.

Chris Ward took the first stint of the race and emerged from the chaos of Lap 1, having slipped to third at one point, to chase down the leading Ford GT40. By Lap 8 Ward had closed the gap to just 1.8 seconds and he continued to push until he was able to pass the leading car on Lap 12. The racing was still tight, though, with the gap over the next nine laps never more than five seconds, before any gap Ward had created was wiped out by the safety car on Lap 22. Following five laps under the safety car, Ward maintained the lead until the team’s first driver change on Lap 36, with Andrew Smith now stepping behind the wheel.

Smith rejoined the race in ninth place, and was able to slowly make his way up to second, but needed to make up more than a lap to the lead GT40, driven by Georg Nolte. On Lap 73, the lead GT40 came in for its final stop, allowing Smith to reclaim first place but with another stop to make. On the next lap the safety car came out once more, allowing JD Classics the perfect opportunity to make their last stop and driver change, with Chris Ward rejoining the race still in the lead. Ward held on to take JD Classics’ first ever victory at the Spa Six Hours.

JD Classics’ second race win of the weekend came in the combined Stirling Moss/ Woodcote Trophy, where more than 70 cars were competing, including the JD Classics Costin Lister. Chris Ward was once again at the wheel for qualifying, setting a lap time good enough for second-place on his first flying lap. An electrical issue meant an early end to the session for the Costin, but Ward’s time was good enough to secure second, just behind the Lister Knobbly of Jon Minshaw.

The JD Classics Historic Department worked hard to rectify the Costin Lister’s electrical issue before it lined up for the race on Saturday afternoon. As the flag fell, Chris Ward got off the line quickly and managed to take first place by the end of lap one, already a second ahead of the chasing Lister Knobbly. Ward continued to hold the gap until the second-placed car was forced to retire, leaving the Jaguar Tojeiro of James Cottingham and Max Girado to take up the chase, around 38 seconds behind.

With the generous gap, Ward pulled into the pits for the mandatory stop on Lap 12 and rejoined the race in second, behind the Tojeiro, but was in the lead by Lap 14 as the first-placed car pitted. Ward continued to pull away from the Lotus 15 now in second, to take victory by almost a minute.

In the pre-1966 Masters Touring Car race, the JD Classics customer-supported Austin Mini Cooper S was driven by Nick Riley and Ben Short. A distributor problem cut qualifying short and persisted throughout the race, seeing the Cooper S finish 33rd.

JD Classics founder, Derek Hood, said: “Spa Francorchamps is known as one of the most challenging tracks in the world, and with a grid of 115 historic cars racing into the night during the Six Hours, things only gets harder. Winning this, and the Stirling Moss/ Woodcote Trophy race, is such a huge achievement for the team, and the perfect follow-up to JD Classics Historic Racing Department’s victory and two podium finishes at Goodwood Revival last weekend.”


Doctor Who’s much-loved car Bessie, which was a favourite with millions of viewers for its futuristic features in the Seventies, has been put on show in On Screen Cars at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu.

The Earth-based transport for Jon Pertwee’s third Doctor was a bright yellow vintage car replica which starred in many episodes of the cult sci-fi show across two decades.

Bessie was fitted with space-age modifications fit for the Doctor’s adventures, including remote control which allowed him to drive her from a distance as well as an anti-theft force-field.

The Siva Edwardian, built on the chassis of a 1954 Ford Popular, first appeared in the Doctor Who and the Silurians episode in 1970 when the Doctor was stranded on planet Earth and exiled by the Time Lords without the use of his TARDIS. With a need to stay mobile in his fight against monsters and villains, the Doctor adopted Bessie as his four-wheeled transport.

Even when a new car, the Whomobile, appeared on set as a dramatic winged creation, Bessie remained essential for tackling such foes as humanoids, giant spiders, intelligent reptiles and the hypnotic Master.

Tom Baker drove Bessie in his first episode in 1974, using the car to help defeat a giant robot. After a hiatus, the car reappeared in 1983 in The Five Doctors, when Peter Davison’s Doctor encountered four other versions of himself. Dusted down for another adventure with Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor in Battlefield in 1989, Bessie’s last hurrah on the small screen came in 1993 with the charity special episode Dimensions in Time.

Bessie may look like a vintage car but in reality is a 1954 Ford Popular 103E, fitted with a fibreglass tourer body made by Siva Engineering of Dorset. The four-seater Siva Edwardian body was available in kit form from 1969 until the mid-1970s, along with a two-seater Roadster model, allowing any keen DIY mechanic to transform their second-hand Ford 7Y 8hp, Anglia or Popular into a replica of a much older machine and re-live the good old days of motoring.

The original chassis, suspension, engine and transmission from the Ford were all retained in the build of the Siva Edwardian. However, the 1172cc side-valve engine was low-powered and, together with the widely-spaced ratios of the three-speed gearbox, meant that Bessie was not a fast machine. Later on in her filming life, Bessie was fitted with a larger engine which required the nose of the car to be lengthened.

Bessie joins the prestigious line-up of motoring stars in On Screen Cars at Beaulieu. In the hall of fame is Rupert Grint’s flying Ford Anglia from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Del Boy’s Reliant Regal Supervan from Only Fools and Horses, Mr Bean’s lime green Mini, the Jaguar XKR from James Bond film Die Another Day and Jennifer Saunders’ and Joanna Lumley’s getaway car – the Piaggio Ape from Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.

Entrance to On Screen Cars is included in a general admission ticket to Beaulieu, which also includes entry to the National Motor Museum with its collection of more than 250 vehicles, the new-look World of Top Gear, the ancestral Montagu home of Palace House, 13th century Beaulieu Abbey and the stunning grounds and gardens. For advance tickets or more information see www.beaulieu.co.uk or call 01590 612345.


P.D.: Manú, a ver si nos cuentas un día sensaciones Fiesta vs. Clio, que era ya casi un clásico... :conducir: ;)

jajajajejeje... mundos distintos siendo un mismo concepto. Para ir igual de rápido con ambos -que se puede- se necesita ir rezando en el Clio, cuando en el Fiesta con llevar una estampita de San Cristobal en la cartera es suficiente  ;)
Regularidad / Re:VI Rallye Solidario Valle de Buelna (30 diciembre 2017)
« Último mensaje por Manu en Hoy a las 14:46:03 »
Hola Pedro. Abrí yo hilo esta mañana al respecto... combino!
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Actualización inscritos 18/9/2017

1 Trcompeticion Antonio de Diego Alvaro Palencia Opel Corsa SR 1984 LIBRE
2 Montaña Palentina Alvaro García Abia Thanya Martin Miguel Chevrolet Corvette C4 lt1 1992 LIBRE
3 San Cristóbal de Comillas Juan Manuel Gómez Ortiz Denisse Gómez González Volkswagen 1991 LIBRE
4 Lanzero Classic Ricardo Perez de Vega Jesus Maria Landa Chicote Audi Coupé Quattro 1990 LIBRE
5 Club Clasicos Colindres Eloy Dehesa Fontecilla Luis Bouza Porsche 911 SC 1978 COPA
6 Julio Maiques Melendre María Caramés Puebla Ford Escort RS Turbo 1990 LIBRE
7 Escuderia Rallysprint Ricardo Glez. Pozueta Jose Manuel Salas Fuentevilla Talbot Horizon S1 1982 COPA
8 Escuderia Scratch Jon Onandi Oviedo César Ossorio Oviedo Ford Fiesta XR2 1988 OPEN
9 Clásicos Villa de Cabezón Rodrigo Posada Alberto Martínez Peugeot 205 GTI 1990 LIBRE
10 Albarcas 16 Jose Luis Salmon Andres de la Hera Ford Escort XR3i 1982 OPEN
11 Rallymiglia Classic Team Javier Trueba Lopez Antonio Portilla Ruiz Peugeot 309GR 1989 COPA
12 Lanzero Classic Luis Garcia Jarauta Maite Urquiza Aranzabal Bmw 318is 1990 LIBRE
13 A.C.M Aiara Clasics Motorsport Patxi Ulibarri Arza Fernando Macho Gonzalez Ford Fiesta xr2 1985 COPA
14 DSC Equipo Rallye Carlos Díaz Leandro Morante BMW 318i 1981 COPA
15 RSR Roslind'es Sport Racing Sergio Crespo Jorge García Martín Ford Escort xr3i 1988 OPEN
16 Katia Team José Luis Etxabe Eider Etxabe Igartua GOLF GTI 16 1987 COPA
17 Clásicos Colindres Javier Elicegui Alberto Pérez BMW 315 1984 COPA
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También dispondremos de tres pases para dos personas al circuito termolúdico del Balneario de La Hermida junto con 2x1 a todos los participantes. Además, Unomatrícula aportará tres juegos de placas de matrícula acrílicas.
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La X Clásica de Carriedo 2017 contará con interesantes sorteos entre los participantes consistentes en dos bonos para el Templo del Agua en el Gran Hotel y Balneario de Puente Viesgo, dos lotes de Conservas Emilia, así como una comida o cena para dos personas en el Ges Solares, Bar Peralvillo y Murga Bar Desengaño de Santoña.
Regularidad / X Clásica de CARRIEDO (7 Oct) COPA ESCUDERIAS
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Abiertas las inscripciones para la X Clásica de Carriedo del 7 de octubre

La Copa de las Escuderías de Clásicos de Cantabria alcanzará el próximo 7 de octubre la sexta y penúltima cita de la temporada con motivo de una nueva edición de la Clásica de Carriedo. De nuevo bajo la organización de los compañeros de la A.D. Valles Pasiegos contaremos con una cita ineludible en una de las zonas de la región con los mejores reclamos a nivel de conducción y paisajísticos.

Como de costumbre toda la documentación e información necesaria está disponible en la sección “Carriedo” de la web, destacando el empleo a partir de ahora en todas las pruebas del novedoso formulario de inscripción on line ya empleado para Colindres y Montaña Palentina.
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Tenemos el placer de anunciar que ya está en marcha la VI edición del Rallye Solidario de coches clásicos que organiza la Copa Escuderias de Cantabria.

Dicho evento se celebrará el día 30 de diciembre en Los Corrales de Buelna, Cantabria. Como viene siendo habitual, los derechos de inscripción se fijan en un importe minimo de 25€ y una bolsa de alimentos no perecederos, ropa, juguetes, etc...Se agradece cualquier plus en la misma.

Bonita prueba para cerrar el año, en ambiente de fiestas y con motivo solidario, ¿qué más se puede pedir?
¡Os esperamos!

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